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Products across to Mexico

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United States of Mexico (daily language is English and Spanish) is located in North America, the border with the United States, Mexico's economic strength ranks the fourth America, 13 of the world.Due to long-term benefit from the north American free trade area agreement, Mexico in the textile and clothing export trade in the international market share increased rapidly, the Mexican textile industry has become one of the Mexican economy pillar industry, but after the economic crisis of 2012, Mexican textile industry development by Asian countries the fierce impact, but Mexico in order to keep its advantages, launched the "Mexico - the eu competitiveness and innovation plan" to help the development of small and medium-sized enterprises export capacity, a few big states to layout, Mexico were launched "revive model" of textile garment industry, to create a textile center, increased investment in industry, development of domestic textile industry, and in 2015 with the signing of the TPP, Mexico's textile industry will be advantage.
According to nantong new emperor Monofilament technology co., LTD., export data analysis, the current Monofilament (Monofilament) are widely used in Mexico, main specifications have 20 d / 1 f, 30 d / 1 f polyester Monofilament (polyester Monofilament yarn) and nylon Monofilament, nylon Monofilament yarn), used in the fabric industry, 0.10 mm to 0.10 mm polyester Monofilament (polyester Monofilament) is mainly used in textile, textile, such as warp knitted mesh fabric (warp knitting mesh cloth), industrial mesh (screen printing mesh) industry, 0.18 mm nylon Monofilament, nylon Monofilament yarn) rub zao towel and cleaning supplies such as civilian industry, our products can be widely used in variety, there are domestic and foreign trade companies and factories such as long-term supply for the Mexican market, welcome to come to consult the discussion!

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