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  • 2014

At March, Haiyan Ma (our chairman), elected to the National Ministry of Science and Innovation Talent Technology innovation and entrepreneurship promotion plan.

  • 2013

At Dec, Our company completed shareholding system reform, listed in the center of the Shanghai equity trusteeship,stock code 100175.
At Dec, Our products have been rated as brand-name products in Nantong city.
At Oct, win the progress prize of China textile industry association.
At April, Phase II workshop was put into use.

  • 2012

At Aug, we obtained the title of “ National high-tech enterprises”
At May, we get National Key New Product Certificate
At April, we import 2 Production Lines from Germany, cost six million USD.

  • 2011

At June, we found branch company: Nanton Jin Hong Environmental New Material Co.,Ltd , focus on technology research and development and its production.
At Jan, we obtained the title of “high-tech company” in Jiangsu province.

  • 2010

At Dec, we win the third prize of Science and Technology Process.
At Dec, our “ NTEC” brand approved by government.
At May, we get “ the national key new product certificate”.
At Jan, Five-year development plan of NETC was issued.

  • 2009

At November, a kind of NTEC monofilament was rated as the provincial high-tech product by Jiangsu Province's department of science and technology.
At August, NTEC was assessed for national high-tech enterprise.
At July, we get the quality management system certification.
At June, our R&D center was rated as a branch Engineering Technology Reach Center in our city.

  • 2008

At July, the global economic crisis broke out.
At August, we buy 5 machines from Anhui, China.
At Sep, we purchase 5 production lines.

  • 2006  

At June, Our Company fetched in two production lines from Taiwan for improving the quality of products.

  • 2005

At April, Nantong NTEC Textile&Chemical Fiber CO.,LTD was founded.

  • 2003

At June, Nantong NTEC Special Fiber CO.,LTD was founded that and do trade of the monofilament.

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