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"National Day" traffic safety - NTEC NOTICE

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On December 2, is "the national traffic safety day", the theme is "travel" refused to dangerous driving, safety civilization.To remind motorists around friends pay attention to traffic safety, nantong new emperor, marketing management center staff to comb the bad habits, some of the most vulnerable to drive hope to alert the driver's friends.
A: random variable
Optional lane change behavior is one of the common improper driving behavior, easily lead to collision accident, scratches.Random variable, not dozen turn signal is easier to cause the rear vehicle collision avoidance.
Habit 2: talking on a cell phone
Talking on a cell phone is a cliche topic, often can see on the road while driving the driver for the phone, some even texting while driving.Research shows that the brain response to answer the call is 30% slower than when drunk driving, a young driver's reaction speed is equivalent to 70 - year - old old people;Look at mobile phone when driving accident probability is 23 times of ordinary driving;Make a phone call while driving accident probability is 2.8 times of normal driving.
Habit 3: drink and drive
Driving a car after drinking, can produce touch ability is reduced, often unable to properly control the throttle, brakes and steering wheel, driver judgment ability and operation ability is reduced, can't correct judgment, for example, speed.Drunken driving is not only threatened his life, but also will hurt others, and to his family also is irresponsible.As in entertainment and drank wine, can choose to take a taxi or drive home.
Four: road rage
"Road rage" is one of the world automobile era.Results showed that caused by traffic jams and poor road conditions is angry with 48.1%;Due to see someone illegally, affect their driving angry 39.8%;Because of peripheral stoppered or overtaking angry is 29.7%;There are illegal to others, even if not affect oneself also angry with 26.6%;You don't know the rules for driving a novice angry with 22.9%.
Habit 5: when driving posture is not correct
Incorrect posture in vehicle can cause life-threatening emergencies, therefore, in the process of driving, be sure to remind the driver friends with correct posture.
Six: listen to the music loudly
Driving while listening to music is a kind of enjoyment, but the volume is too large will not only threaten the safety can also affect the vision., according to the voice of more than 90 decibels, is like a bar or the subway, the eyes will be affected by different degree;115 db noise can make the eyes dropped 20%, and the sensitivity of brightness definition of the view of things.
Seven: single hands on the steering wheel
Single hand steering wheel is a very dangerous action, if there is a flat tire when driving on the highway, one hand is likely to cause rollover grip the steering wheel, the other on the one hand the bends turn the steering wheel may also affect the operation, there will be possible to sell.
Eight: speeding
About 70% of the traffic accidents and speeding.Speed will increase the severity of the accident.In the course of vehicle collision, speed, models, time is the three major factors that affect safety, including speed is crucial, the degree of impact, damage is proportional to the speed fast, the faster the speed, the greater the damage caused by impact force..
Nine: will not pass high beam lamp at night
Difficult to drive at night than during the day, especially the sky turned dark just now, the driver has a visual adaptation process, while the road traffic, also easy to cause an accident.There are people in the evening, meet each other when the same light, the light far away will shine brightly across the drivers, make it hard to open his eyes, this is easy to happen accident.
Don't slow down ten: zebra crossing is not to give way
Zebra crossing for pedestrians to go, the car to let a person first, some drivers even see pedestrians crossing the road, also accelerate through the zebra crossing, rob in front suggested that drive friends comity at the zebra crossing pedestrians.
As a driver, if you have some of the habits, please change as soon as possible.Don't forget that safety is always the first.

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