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NTEC arrange to learn 《enterprise intellectual property management norms》

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In recent years, competition in the market, resource competition has become the focus of enterprise competition, intellectual property rights by the enterprises more and more attention, but due to the risk prevention consciousness is not strong and inexperienced management practice and make the enterprises are faced with the problem very serious.Through this training, participants have said there is a big harvest, for my company's intellectual property service level and professional degree very identity.On December 3rd, nantong new emperor g monofilament technology co., LTD. Invite the jiangsu chang far information technology co., LTD. Zhang ping adviser for the company management on national standard code for the intellectual property management project.
Training is mainly for the country "standard of enterprise intellectual property management" a comprehensive interpretation to decomposition of detailed examination content, to the enterprise internal audit in detail, at the same time, through the case analysis, in-depth interpretation of enterprise management diagnosis, the ways and means, rich in content, bridging science.
Through the interpretation of a consultant, participants the skills of intellectual property laws, intellectual property work flow and management system, intellectual property dispute processing capacity, intellectual property strategy in such aspects as orientation in the development of enterprises have more clear understanding.


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