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Our brand originates from “New Technology” which shows its values in terms of benefits to global environment, social activity and customers’ requirements as well as attitude of courage to challenges and advancement in keeping forging ahead.
NTEC devotes itself in professional research in polymer mono-filament material and technical innovation. NTEC provides original solutions and creates its own values so as to make NTEC brand to become a world wide brand and make large influence in global world.

So as to cater to different customers’ requirements, NTEC has taken out many brand marketing strategies. The main brand ( New -Technology), show our calm and sensible, and high technology, efficiency and clean enterprise culture.
And depending on the different market demand (domestic and abroad), we design different Sub-brands.  “FLY-CAT” means high performance for fishing.

Due to is large scale, great variety of goods and powerful scientific research strength, NTEC is popular all over the world. Some clients ask us does “ NT” means Nantong ?

It is the abbreviation of “New Technology”. In this driving force, NTEC is becoming better and better.

In the year of 2002, filament products are much popular in the market. A man named Haiyan Ma made a great decision to quit job and became self-employed way in the field of filament with his fellows. This man is the chairman of NTEC.

Looking back to 1996, Ma learned some monofilament products from an foreign book named “ synthetic fibre ”. While during that time, there are few Taiwan companies do monofilament in mainland China.

Although no technical means, no technical staff, no equipment, but because the love of monofilament, and he start new career.

Through 12 years of development, NTEC has become the largest monofilament manufactory in China.

With strong belief, NTEC dream become world famous brand on monofilament.

Brand joined

We invite franchisees to join us for brands FLY-CAT, FIRST-WATER,as our agent for fishing line.

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